Volume 9 Number 1 Spring Issue 2014

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It's Not HBO, It's TV: The View of Critics and Producers on Flemish ‘Quality TV’

Alexander Dhoest

‘You Don't Need Influence . . . All You Need is Your First Opportunity!’: The Early Broadcast Talent Show and the BBC

Su Holmes

Fifty Years in the TARDIS: The Historical Moments of Doctor Who

 James Chapman

‘Way Out - Of This World!’ Delia Derbyshire, Doctor Who and the British Public's Awareness of Electronic Music in the 1960s

David Butler

The Girls Who Waited? Female Companions and Gender in Doctor Who

Lorna Jowett

 When Doctor Who Enters Its Own Timeline: The Database Aesthetics and Hyperdiegesis of Multi-Doctor Stories

Matt Hills 

Book Reviews

Ivan Phillips

Book Reviews

James Zborowski, Tim Wall, Helen Wood, Sarita Malik, Indrek Treufeldt, Samuel Mateus, Niall Brennan


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