Vol 10 No 2

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'Acting Up: Gender and Television Comedy' 
pp. 1-3(3) 
Authors: Leggott, James; Lockyer, Sharon; White, Rosie


'Don't Tell Me I'm Still on that Feckin' Island': Migration, Masculinity, British Television and Irish Identity in the Work of Graham Linehan 
pp. 4-20(17) 
Author: Free, Marcus

Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit: Performing Masculinity in How I Met Your Mother 
pp. 21-36(16) 
Author: Thompson, Lauren Jade

Girls Talk: Authorship and Authenticity in the Reception of Lena Dunham'sGirls 
pp. 37-54(18) 
Author: Woods, Faye

'Might as Well be Dead': Domesticity, Irony and Feminist Politics in Contemporary Animation Comedy 
pp. 55-70(16) 
Author: Gwynne, Joel

Angry Old Women: Peggy Mount and the Performance of Female Ageing in the British Sitcom 
pp. 71-86(16) 
Author: Mortimer, Claire

'That's the Last Time I play the Tart for You, Jerry!': Penelope Keith and British Television Situation Comedy 
pp. 87-101(15) 
Author: Irwin, Mary

'I Think Women Are Possibly Judged More Harshly with Comedy': Women and British Television Comedy Production 
pp. 102-117(16) 
Authors: Mills, Brett; Ralph, Sarah

An Extra Slice of Jo Brand 
pp. 118-128(11) 
Author: Lockyer, Sharon

Book Reviews

Book Reviews 
pp. 129-151(23) 
Authors: Cooke, Lez; Declercq, Dieter; Jowett, Lorna; Mayer, Hervé; McCabe, Janet; Metz, Walter; Mills, Brett; Rolinson, David; White, Rosie; Peacock, Steven





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