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Screening Wales: portrayal, representation and identity – a case study by Steve Blandford and Stephen Lacey

When Regional Becomes National:  The Production and Reception of Flemish TV Drama in a Culturally Divided Country by Alexander Dhoest

Catalan television drama: A turning point by Enric Castelló

The Impossibility of Isolation in Wallander by Steven Peacock

BBC’s Wallander: Sweden Seen Through British Eyes by Anne Marit Waade

Cannibals in the Brecon Beacons: Torchwood, Place and Television Horror by Rebecca Williams

What’s the story in Balamory now? Producing preschool children’s drama at BBC Scotland in the 21st century by Lynn Whitaker

Cosmopolitan Kitchen: The representations of nationality in the Irish TV series RAW by David Tobin and Patricia Neville

Pen Talar: On-screen and off-screen narratives of nation in a Welsh context by Kate Woodward and Elin Haf Gruffydd Jones

Home, identities, and transnational appeal: the case of Singaporean television dramas by Brenda Chan

‘Great Britain, Great Expectations’: The Representation of Polish Migration to Great Britain in Londyńczycy/Londoners by Joanna Rydzewska

Speaking about the Nation: Critiques from the Canadian Margins by Michele Byers



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