Volume 6 Number 1 Spring 2011

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Transforming Television Drama through Dubbing and Subtitling: Sex and the Cities by Christina Adamou and Simone Knox

Dexter Morgan’s Monstrous Origins by Stephanie Green

TV or Not TV? The Sopranos and Contemporary Episode Architecture in US Network and Premium Cable Drama by Anthony N. Smith

The Poetics and Rhetoric of The Wire’s Intertextuality by Erlend Lavik

We Had It Coming: Hypothetical Docudrama as Contested Form and Multiple Fantasy by Michael Stewart and Richard Butt


Law&Order UK: Interviews with Members of the British Legal Profession - Prepared and introduced by Barbara Villez

In Debate

In Debate: Television Studies in the American Academy - Edited by Janet McCabe

A Modest Response to the Genealogy of Television Studies in America by Gary R. Edgerton 

Convergence – the Old Story by Toby Miller

The Landscape of Professional Criticism by Robert Thompson 

Twenty Years by David Lavery 

TV on the Edge of Time by Rhonda V. Wilcox

Valuing the Late Adopter by Victoria E. Johnson 

‘Ambiguous Provenance’: Television Studies as a Discipline by Michele Hilmes

Television Studies? by Amanda D. Lotz


Shoma Munshi, Prime Time Soap Operas on Indian Television, reviewed by Hugh O’Donnell

Sharon Lockyer and Michael Pickering, eds, Beyond a Joke: The Limits of Humour; and Sharon Lockyer, ed, Reading Little Britain: Comedy Matters on Contemporary Television, reviewed by Phil Wickham

Kristryn Gorton, Media Audiences: Television, Meaning and Emotion, reviewed by Rhiannon Bury

Paul Attinello, Janet K. Halfyard, Vanessa Knights, eds, Music, Sound, and Silence in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, reviewed by Beth Carroll

Stella Bruzzi, Seven Up!; and Jonathan Conlin, Civilisation, reviewed by Paul Kerr

Douglas L. Howard, ed, Dexter: Investigating Cutting Edge Television, reviewed by Stephanie Green

Samuel A. Chambers, The Queer Politics of Television; and Glyn Davis and Gary Needham, eds, Queer TV: Theories, Histories, Politics, reviewed by Lance Pettitt

David Greven, Gender and Sexuality in Star Trek: Allegories of Desire in the Television Series and Films, reviewed by Lorna Jowett

Eric Burns, Invasion of the Mind Snatchers: Television’s Conquest of America in the Fifties, reviewed by Janet McCabe

David Bianculli, Dangerously Funny: The Uncensored Story of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour; and Bill Carter, The War For Late Night: When Leno Went Early and Television Went Crazy. Viking, reviewed by Mark Lawson 

Jonathan Gray, Jeffrey P. Jones and Ethan Thompson, eds, Satire TV: Politics and Comedy in the Post-Network Era, reviewed by Janet McCabe

Diane Winston, ed, Small Screen, Big Picture: Television and Lived Religion, reviewed by Rhonda V. Wilcox

Amanda D. Lotz, ed, Beyond Prime Time: Television Programming in the Post-Network Era, reviewed by Robert Thompson

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