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BP on TV

BP on TV functions both as a hobby and as the creative portion of Ben Phelps' senior project for my Communications and Media Studies minor at Tufts University. Reviewing 3-4 shows each week, as well as posting major new stories/reactions and longer essays periodically, the goal of this project is to take advantage of blogging technology and use the space to develop critical writing analytical skills.

'Channel 4 and British Film Culture' project

This is the blog for the 'Channel 4 and British Film Culture' project, which is based in the School of Creative Arts, Film and Media at the University of Portsmouth. It is a 4-year Arts and Humanities Research Council project to assess the broadcaster's film policy and programming, and its impact on British film culture since 1982. Some previous blogs have dealt with film/TV relations; adaptations of TV series; curated film seasons on TV; and current film policy. We welcome proposals for guest blogs (John Wyver and Paul Kerr have written for us), and we also intend to publish project interviews and papers from our conference (to be held at BFI Southbank in early November 2012).


Written by Mandy Rose who works at the intersection of participatory media and documentary. She was co-founder and producer of the BBC's pioneering "mass observation" camcorder project - Video Nation (94-2000) and Executive Producer of BBC's Capture Wales (2001-2007), a pioneering digital storytelling project in the UK. 

The CollabDocs blog reflects what's happening when documentary meets the Social and Semantic web. It is concerned with the processes, aesthetics and ethics of collaborative creativity and the role of the producer as a catalyst, curator, facilitator, in emerging documentary forms.

Written, in Romanian, by Iulian Comanescu a Romanian communication consultant/entrepreneur/author. He has been a professional journalist for 15 years, with top televisions, daily newspapers and glossies in Romania. is a traditional & new media blog launched in February 2006 on and moved to in 2010. With occasional contributions of some guest authors, the blog deals with celebrity culture, televsion, personal brands, online communities, content issues and other similar topics.


Written, in Italian, by Corrado Peperoni, PhD Student at University Sapienza in Rome. The blog is mainly devoted to the divulgation of key concepts about transmedia storytelling and to the analysis, in a transmedia perspective, of tv series, movies, videogames and arg. The blog is enriched with interviews to professor, scholars and authors involved in the transmedia storytelling landscape…

Cult Television

Written, in Italian, by Barbara Maio who is a researchers at University Roma Tre. She is the founder editor of Ol3Media, the e-journal of Cinema, Television and Media Studies of the “Master Cine&TV” of the University of Roma3. She is author of many books and essays about television, cinema and media.

Cult Television is a blog about televisions series and in general between television industries and academic world.

Cultural Studies

The culturalstudies podcast is delivered by Toby Miller and has conversations with artists, activists, intellectuals, workers--take your pick of the designation--about the politics of culture.  TV is just one of the vast array of subjects discussed.

Some UK-based people whom Toby has chatted with include Natalie Fenton, Des Freedman, Ana Rosas Mantecon, and Helen Wood.

You can select the ones that interest you by visiting the website.

And you can subscribe through iTunes.

As new items become available, Toby sends messages via Twitter (greencitizen) and Facebook (Toby Miller). is a site about science fiction which includes articles about TV series, movies and books, Luisa Lori's blog is one of many and she has, for the past three years, written about women in the media from a feminist perspective.

Film Studies for Free

Written by Catherine Grant this is an incredibly useful site that is 'A pluralist, pro bono, and purely positive web-archive of examples of, links to, and comment on, online, Open Access, film and moving image studies resources of note.'  Catherine not only blogs regularly (mainly about film but TV does feature) but she also provides a comprehensive list of all free online resources for the study of film in particular and the media in general.

History of TV in New Zealand

Written by Geoff Lealand this blog is part of a research project to gather and record people’s memories and experiences of television in New Zealand, with a particular emphasis on the the past 25 years (1985 to 2010). 

JISC Mediahub blog

Blog for the MediaHub a new JISC-funded service, which makes available various collections including television news, documentary films, still images and classical music, covering a wide range of academic subjects.

Judgemental Observer

Written by Amanda Ann Klein, an Assistant Professor of film studies at East Carolina University, this blog often talks about TV and film.

Laughey's Media Theory Blog

Written by Dan Laughey PhD – media lecturer, cultural historian and author of the books Music and Youth Culture,  Media Studies: Theories and Approaches and  Key Themes in Media Theory. This site is not specific to TV but contains opinions and resources in step with the long tradition of media, cultural and communications thought.

The Laverytory

Blog by David Lavery - 'Devoted to media matters, politics, poetry, creativity, the evolution of consciousness, and autobiographical reflections.'

A Manifesto for Media Education

Various contributors blogging about media education (including TV).

Meditations in an Emergency

Written by Sheron Neves, MPhil/PhD student at Birkbeck, University of London. Her main areas of interest are television branding, fan culture and social media, areas covered on her blog. She also has worked for more than ten years in advertising and marketing in Brazil. This is an extremely interesting blog about Brazilian, British and American television, written in Portuguese (there is a 'google translate' facility).

My Film Corner

Written by Betty Kaklamanidou who teaches film history and theory in Greece. Her academic interests are film and literature, gender, politics, and classic Hollywood. This blog was started as a way of expressing herself freely without having to follow the rules of academic writing, and also as a way to communicate with colleagues, students, friends, and film buffs all around the world and exchange ideas.

Networked Blogs

Top 50 television blogs.

Network Programming

Written by Brian Nulle, an entertainment industry professional who spends a majority of his free time watching television.  Television, at its heart, is always about the story and here are Brian's thoughts and musings, up for popular discussion. Spoilers Abound... as do cliches.

Periodismo Global: la otra mirada

Dedicated to new trends in journalism and television, audiovisual policy and foreign news. Particular attention is given to the globalization of the news.  It is written, in Spanish, by Rafael Diaz Arias, journalist and lawyer who worked for 30 years as a journalist in TVE, the public Spanish tv channel. Currently a professor of journalism at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and taught television journalism, multimedia journalism and videojournalism.

Professional TV blogs

A list of TV blogs that are linked to organisations and written by people who are paid.

Screen Aesthetics

Jason Jacobs' blog in which he aims to stimulate writing about things that matter to us on screen.  He features television as well as film and a more general cultural studies approach.

Screens and Stages

Reading University's, Film Theatre and Television Department blog.  With TV posts by Faye Woods.


Written by Martin Zeller-Jacques who is an academic and freelance commentator on television, film and other contemporary media. Although born in America, he moved to the UK at seventeen and has lived there ever since. In addition to his studies, Martin is the husband of the illustrator, Julia Zeller-Jacques, and the proud step-father of four wonderful children. This blog is the product of the occasional conflicts and contradictions involved in mixing an academic interest in studying the media with the practicalities of a family life surrounded by them.


Written, in Italian, by Giada Da Ros who is a law graduate and a journalist and has been a TV critic for an Italian weekly paper called Il Popolo for nearly 20 years, she is one of the editors of Ol3Media, the e-journal of Cinema, Television and Media Studies of the “Master Cine&TV” of the University of Roma3.

Telesofia is a space to talk about television in all its aspects, from gossip to academic disquisition, passing through all that's in between: information, opinions, reviews, quotes, publications, awards... of television past, present and future. American TV series are the main topic under the spotlight, but not the only one.

TV Musings and Thoughts

Written by Wesley Ambrecht who is currently enrolled in his last year at Cornell University, he is a television aficionado, known for sharp wit and eclectic taste. In addition to running the recently launched 'TV Musings and Thoughts', Wesley serves as staff writer for 'Modern Mystery Blog', and freelances for a handful of other sites.  'TV Musings and Thoughts' was launched earlier this year with the intent of expressing his thoughts on television that couldn't fit into 140 characters. Since then, it has expanded to the point where he muses about any number of things but the primary focus iremains television.

Watchin' TV With My Wife

Written by R. Colin Tait, a Ph. D Student at the University of Texas at Austin and one of the Co-Coordinating Editors at  The blog aims to understand the gender-specific appeal of TV shows geared towards women using a small focus group, namely, Tait's wife.


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