Six Feet Under 2012 - The Second Convention

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Bournemouth 7-8 SEPTEMBER 2012The Second Convention


We organised the first Six Feet Under convention in September 2011. We discovered that the audience was chiefly people who had some connection with the funeral industry. They enjoyed the lectures and the exhibition of services in Bournemouth Triangle.

The event acquired its own momentum when the Natural Death Centre came forward to organise an exhibition in the Bournemouth Triangle.

Choosing to host the event in Bournemouth Triangle worked because we could combine the exhibition and the lectures on one site that was well-served by a quirky café.

We managed to create a slightly anarchic English spirit celebrating the last great taboo.


The event has the potential to grow into something unique: an English holiday weekend devoted to an eccentric acceptance of our shared mortality combined with a celebration of one of the best TV series ever made. We propose to repeat the event on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 September 2012 in Bournemouth.

The lesson from 2011 is that you don’t need to overwhelm your delegates with activities. The feedback from last year was that there were too many lectures.

Would you like to speak?

We're looking for people who can speak in an entertaining and accessible way about the funeral industry, while also being able to relate the subject to episodes of Six Feet Under.

We propose to have six slots of half-an-hour on the Saturday between 10.15am and 4pm, breaking for an hour for lunch.

It has been suggested we host a Death Café – we could do this either on the Friday afternoon or the Saturday morning over breakfast.

We’re proposing a partnership with the Good Funeral Guide website to host the Six Feet Under/Good Funeral Guide Awards (The Momento Mori).

These would be a mixture of prizes listed on the Good Funeral Guide website.  Some would be voted on, some would be hand picked by the judges. The winners would take home a Good Funeral Guide Momento Mori which would be a glass plaque with an engraved plate.

We propose awards in the following categories:

Undertaker of the Year

Funeral Celebrant of the Year

The Frederico Diaz Award
 (for the most outstanding embalmer of the year)

Cemetery of the Year Award

Ars Moriendi Book Award 
(for the best book on death in 2012)

Best Video or Film Award 
(for the best film or video about the funeral industry)

Best Website Award 
(for the best website about the mortality business)

Newcomer of the Year 
(for the best new service in the industry)

Coffin Supplier of the Year

Lifetime Achievement Award 
(to recognise a person who has changed the funeral industry for the better)

The Nate Fisher Award
 (for a progressive contribution to the funeral industry)

These prizes would be presented as part of an Oscar ceremony beginning at 7pm on Friday 8 September. It would be round tables and a buffet, and guests would be encouraged to wear flamboyant funeral attire.


We didn’t manage to get the Cadillac hearse last year. We could host an exhibition of hearses in the Bournemouth Triangle on Saturday 8 September. We might be able to involve some local musical acts. This act was very good last year: 

Please get in touch

We'd love to hear from you if you can contribute to the Six Feet Under Convention 2012. Call 01202 551257 or email:



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