Shared Histories: Media Connections Between Britain and Ireland

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Dublin, 6-7th July 2016

Venue: The National Library of Ireland.

The relationship between Ireland and the rest of the British Isles has a long and complex history. One key dimension has been the connections and interactions between the various media of communication – print and electronic – which have mediated this relationship. This conference seeks to address this important, but relatively neglected, topic at a timely moment in the history of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales drawing on the work of historians with specialisms that span the period from the late 17th to the 20th century.

Keynote Speaker: Professor John Horgan, Dublin City University.

Speakers include: Eddie Brennan, Roseanna Doughty, Finola Doyle-O’Neill, Christopher Doughan, Portia Ellis-Woods, Colum Kenny, Damen Keane, Adrian Kirwan, Sam Manning, Jason McElligott, Anthony McNicholas James O’Donnell, Elspeth Payne, Kevin Rafter, Abigail Riely, Yann Ryan, Salvatore Scifo, Mark Turner and Anne Wilson

Panel themes: Print Histories and Methodologies; Anglo Irish News Business; Censorship and Control; Television; Radio; Print Cultures and Irish Identity; Ireland in the British Media.

For the full provisional programme, and details of how to register, please go to:

The conference is jointly organised by the School of Communications, Dublin City University, the Aberystwyth University Centre for Media History, the Newspaper & Periodical History Forum of Ireland, and the journal Media History.




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