Co-Production and Conflict: Locating the Transnational in Television

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Professor Emerita Michele Hilmes, University of Wisconsin-Madison, is this year's Visiting Professor in Communication and Media at the University of Liverpool.


All are welcome at her keynote lecture on 16 May 2016 (5pm) in which she discusses 'Co-Production and Conflict: Locating the Transnational in Television'.  For more details, including registration information, see here:


For television, strongly based in national contexts, mandates, and policies, the presence of “foreign” programs on the schedule has long been regarded as problematic. Yet between the US and Britain, transnational influences and practices are a long-established, integral tradition, despite occasionally arousing more drama behind the screens than on them. Professor Hilmes will briefly trace a history of this uneasy relationship, looking closely at one of its most contested practices: trans-Atlantic co-production, from Civilisation to Downton Abbey. What prompted this long-standing relationship? How is creativity negotiated in a transnational situation? What changes has digital distribution made – and is television still “national” at its core?

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