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The University of Sussex’s REFRAME Digital Platform for Research in Media, Film and Music (including media practice, cultural studies and journalism) is proud to announce the launch today of its latest website MEDIAMORPHOSIS (, an experimental space for the documentation, publication and dissemination of objects and experiences.

MEDIAMORPHOSIS is produced and edited by Cécile Chevalier together with other members of the Creative Critical Practice Research Group (CCPRG), based at the University of Sussex (staff and doctoral students from the University of Sussex, Royal College of Art, University of Brighton and University of West London, along with unaffiliated working practitioners and members of other professional creative organisations).

Henry Jenkins (2004) describes how digital media potentially incorporates all previous media so that it no longer makes sense to think in medium-specific terms, problematising the concept of authenticity and authentic experience. In this one-day symposium, we are thus interested in questioning what is authentic experience within digital media? And what drives the pervasive cultural desire for an authentic experience? Because digitalisation inevitably alters the original in a mediamorphosis-like transformation, we are interested in exploring the authentic nature of this new object and experience.

Mediamorphosis is a collective initiative by the Creative & Critical Practice Research Group.

Dr Catherine Grant


Senior Lecturer in Film Studies

School of Media, Film and Music

University of Sussex

Silverstone Building

Falmer BN1 9RG



T: +44 1273 678876


Editor: Film Studies For Free

Guest Editor: Frames, Issue 1, July 2012: Film and Moving Image Studies Re-Born Digital?


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