Manuscript Archives

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Print-oriented materials only, supporting research into television production and broadcasting institutions and policy.

Australian Television Information Archive
Provides a comprehensive source of information for Australian drama series as well as numerous other programmes.

The Billy Rose Theatre Collection (based at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, USA).
Press clippings for US TV shows available to view.

BBC Written Archive (based in the UK).
With documentation extending back to 1922 when the BBC was founded, the archive contains the working papers of the BBC, including charters, reports, financial documents, minutes of meetings, memoranda.

British Film Institute (bfi) Library (based in London, UK).
The library provides access to a major national research collection of documentation and information on film and television.

Information on the German Broadcasting Archives.

The National Archives (based at Kew in the UK).
UK government records and information managements.

Hawaii Radio and Television Guide Archive
This is the archive to the main site of the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide. The materials contained on this site consist mainly of back issues of the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide Newz Over the Air stories as well as personal recollections from people in the business and a short section on past radio charts.


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