CFP: European Cultures of Production

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Call for Papers: ECREA Special Issue for Critical Studies in Television

European Cultures of Production

Production Studies has given Television Studies a welcome chance to investigate the processes of putting television together, highlighting sense-making structures that are engaged with in the processes of production (see Caldwell 2008, Caldwell et al. 2009, Lotz 2006, Levine 2006, Mayer 2011, Banks and Conor 2016, etc.). While, as Levine (2006) highlights, this has uncovered the ‘audience-like’ behaviour of production personnel, an ECREA-organised conference (‘Making Television in the 21st Century’, Aarhus University, October 2013) has also investigated how these processes of labour have been changed as a result of digitalisation. This special issue of Critical Studies in Television aims to extend the debates by looking at the wider contexts in which television production operates – its cultures of production – and to build on the work by Mayer (2011) and especially Banks and Conor (2016) to widen the focus of existing debates by focusing on production contexts beyond
the Anglophone sphere. We are interested in abstracts that propose to investigate the conditions and television cultures that determine television production across Europe.
Abstracts could deal with, but are not restricted to:
-    Issues of regulation
-    Legal conditions such as those that regulate working hours, copyright, etc.
-    The role and work of labour unions
-    Institutional structures in which productions operate
-    Economic conditions that determine how productions can be managed
-    Hidden labour and job roles very specific to particular production contexts
-    The professional networks and collaborative processes of production personnel
-    Aspects of distribution that impact on the production of content
-    Historical cases of productions within their particular context
-    The relationship between audiences and productions
-    The impact of digital technologies on production processes

Abstracts of no more than 500 words plus brief biographical notes should be sent to Simone Knox and Elke Weissmann by the 31st July 2016. We will endeavour to give feedback by September 2016. Full articles will have to be submitted by July 2017. The special issue will be published in summer 2018.


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