Dis-Placing the East/West Binary: Aesthetic and Cultural Crossover in film and visual culture

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Cardiff University, UK

Centre for Interdisciplinary Film and Visual Culture Research (IFVCR)

Friday 2nd November 2012

Dis-Placing the East/West Binary: Aesthetic and Cultural Crossover in Film and Visual Culture will be a one day international symposium at Cardiff University, hosted by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Film and Visual Culture Research (IFVCR).

Papers will explore contemporary displacements and transformations of the relations between East Asian and Euro-American film and visual culture, and will examine the complexity of ‘place’ in contemporary East/West film and visual culture. The conference will take place on Friday 2nd November, from 10am to 7pm, in the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies at Cardiff University, which is located close to the city centre, walking distance from Cardiff Central Rail Station and close to all city centre hotels.

Papers will be given by speakers from Brighton University, Cardiff University, Coventry University, SOAS, University of London, University of Auckland, New Zealand, University of Sydney, University of Southampton, University College, Dublin, York University, Toronto, and Zhejiang University, China.

Keynote Speakers

Dr Jane Chi Hyun Park (University of Sydney),

author of 

Yellow Future: Oriental Style in Hollywood Cinema

Professor Dana Arnold (University of Southampton),

author of many books and recent works on The East/West Dialogue in Architectural


Contact: Dr Paul Bowman: BowmanP@cf.ac.uk 

Conference Schedule

1030–1050 Paul Quinn

Dis-Placement, Replication and Replacement of Korean aesthetics in Hollywood K-film remakes

1050–1110 Xiaodan Liu Zhejiang University 

 Searching for 'Asianness' in Korean pop culture: from an empty signifer to a structure of feeling"

1110–1130 discussion

1130-1200 break

1200-12.20 Hiu M. Chan Cardiff University 

A Non-Hitchcock Dream: Suzhou River 

12.20-12.40 Fraser McKissack  Auckland University 

Sukiyaki Western Django: Cowboys, Samurai and Shakespeare in the Wild West

12.40-13.00 discussion

13–14 lunch

14.00–14.20 Art Mitchells-Urwin Space and Body: Sexual, Power and Geographic Relations Between Thai and Western Bodies in Interracial Pornography

14.20–14.40 Taey Iohe University College Dublin

A displacing practice: Sleepwalkers and Cultural Translation

1440–15.00 discussion

1500–1530 break

1530-1550 June Pak York University,Toronto 

Is Multiculturalism well packaged idealism?: Asian ethnicity in Canadian Television

1550-1610 Colette Balmain

The Language of the Orient

1610–16.30 discussion

1630–1700 break

17.00–18.00 Dana Arnold

The Complexities of Place: Transcultural Readings of Tianjin

18.00–19.00 Jane Park

Pacific Crossings: Remaking Bodies and Cultures Through Film and Popular Media

19.00 Wine Reception Wine


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