CFP: Spies on British Screens

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Proposals are invited for a conference which will explore the continued popularity of Spy and intelligence thriller on British cinema and TV screens as well as offering new interpretations of previous aspects of the genre.  Taking place at Plymouth University from 17th-19th June 2016, multiple panels will discuss the genre, its origins and evolution. Discussions can also consider how our expectations/ideas of real-life surveillance culture are shaped by screen representations. The Organisers are currently negotiating the possibility of linking scholarly publications to the conference and it is anticipated that selected papers will be published in a journal and/or edited collection.

The intelligence community has captured the imagination of many British people throughout the twentieth century. Many members of the British population have gained their entire knowledge of the intelligence and the secret state through the spy film or TV programme. With popular films such as SPECTRE (2015) depicting a modern interpretation of intelligence or dramas such as The Game (2014) offering cold war nostalgia it is clear the Spy remains as popular as ever on British cinema and TV screens.

Panel topics might cover but would not be limited to:

Gender within the genre 

Realism and Spy culture

Class and the Spy genre

The evolution of the Spy genre

History and the spy film or TV programme

Screening intelligence during the War on Terror

Spies and Documentaries

Multi-media adaptations

Visual representations and the surveillance State

The James Bond phenomenon

‘Cloak and Dagger’ vs Techno-spies

Satirising the intelligence community

How these genres inform popular impressions of the intelligence community

Panel proposals or individual papers are welcome.

Submit a maximum 500 words abstract to: 

Dr Nicholas Barnett:

Dr Kim Edwards:

Dr Laura Crossley:

Deadline for Submission: 15th February 2016



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