CFP: The Cultural Mythology of the Snuff Movie

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An Academic conference and Film Event to be held at Bournemouth University (Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th of November 2012)


The phenomenon of the so-called "snuff movie" (films that allegedly document real acts of murder, specifically designed to “entertain”/sexually arouse the spectator) represents a fascinating socio-cultural paradox. At once unproven, yet accepted by many as emblematic of the very worst extremes of pornography and horror, moral detractors would argue that the mere idea of snuff constitutes the logical (and terminal) extension of generic forms that are dependent primarily upon the excitement, stimulation and, ultimately, corruption of the senses.

The aim of this event is to cover all aspects of this contentious topic with a view towards an eventual published collection. The generic description of snuff will be considered in its broadest terms and papers are welcome from scholars and writers addressing the phenomenon from critical, cultural, historical and theoretical perspectives. We are particularly keen to emphasise global dimensions, identifying the local variations and inflections that have expanded the parameters of the debate. Moreover,contributors are not restricted to cinema in addressing the issues under consideration, and papers covering television, literature and videogames are also encouraged.

Potential Topics include but are not limited to:

Snuff and the theoretical paradigm of ‘realist horror’;

Shockumentaries, Mondo and the problems of defining snuff;

Snuff and pornography;

Snuff and the cinematic gaze;

Snuff and discourses of gender and sexuality;

Snuff and racial representation

Snuff and the horror mockumentary sub-genre;

Snuff and the parameters of screen violence;

Cultural specifics of the snuff mythology;

Snuff and transnationalism;

Snuff and adaptation;

Snuff, the internet and other participatory cultures;

Snuff and contemporary news media;

Snuff: audiences, readerships, reception, consumption and (dis)pleasure;

The style and form of snuff;

Snuff: affect, sensation and ethics;

Snuff: moral panics, censorship and regulation.

Abstracts of 300 words (accompanied by a 50 word biographical statement) should be sent to by 17th AUGUST 2012. 

THE ORGANISERS: Shaun Kimber (Bournemouth University), Neil Jackson (University of Lincoln), Johnny Walker (De Montfort University) & Thomas Joseph Watson (Northumbria University) 

Please see THE WEBSITE for further details or contact with any queries and follow us on Facebook 'The Cultural Mythology of the Snuff Movie'.


Many thanks Shaun, Johnny, Neil and Tom. 

Dr Shaun Kimber

Senior Lecturer in Media Theory

The Media School,

Bournemouth University,

210 Weymouth House,

Fern Barrow,


BH12 5BB.

01202 965628




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