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14 April 2016
Department of Film, Theatre & Television
University of Reading

Media and Performance Across Platforms
The JAM 2016 interdisciplinary postgraduate conference will take place on  14 April in conjunction with the annual BAFTSS (the British Association  of Film, Television and Screen Studies) conference at the University of  Reading on 14-16 April. The conference theme is the movement of  storytelling, performance and images across diverse platforms, in  traditional media forms such as adaptations from stage to screen, and  digital media forms, such as multiplatform series. As art forms migrate  and mutate across platforms, how do methods of critical analysis keep  pace with them? How might the concept of a ‘medium’ change in response  to the new fluidity of forms? How do the qualities of liveness and  presence interact with the digital and the virtual? What modes of  understanding are appropriate to our experiences of performance and  storytelling on multi-dimensional and multi-sensory platforms?
Topics may include, but are not restricted to:
•          Trans-media across the nations
•          Multi-sensory systems of human and technological analysis
•          Adaptation and remediation
•          Trans-media approaches to immersive and interactive performances
•          Proprioception and kinaesthetic narratives
•          Trans-identity and universal identities (e.g.: gender, nationality, heritage, culture)
•          Performance as sociocultural debate
We  welcome both traditional paper presentations and practice-as-research  performances and films. Presentations and live performances must adhere  to a 15 minute time limit. To submit your proposal by email, please  address your Word Document file to the JAM committee at
Abstracts for a 15 minute paper or live  performance piece should be no more than 500 words and accompanied by a  short biographical note. Performance proposals should detail the title  of your piece, a short biography and a 300-word description of your  performance, including space and technical requirements. Performance  proposals should also include, where possible, a video recording of the  performance proposed or video examples of your previous work.
The  deadline for proposals is 15 January 2016. All submissions will be  reviewed and decisions will be communicated by 15 February 2016.
We  aim to keep fees as low as possible: concessions will be available for  PGR, non-salaried and retired conference attendees. The confirmed  conference fee for attendees (not including dinner or accommodation)  will not be announced until attendance is finalised.



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