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HBO! Life After Legacy, Edited Collection Call for Abstra 

It’s HBO! Life After Legacy (2018) will examine, not HBO’s legacy shows, but its current programming, bringing together an international group of media and cultural studies scholars to offer an in-depth look at issues of race, class, gender, sexuality and power behind HBO’s new and original voices.

Current shows, such as Game of Thrones; Girls; The Leftovers; Silicon Valley; True Detective; The Looking; Ballers; and Vinyl, will be discussed through the lens of sociocultural and political context and the transformation of American television and global society in the 21st century. There exists a range of issues here, driven by HBO’s current content, which are important not only to the shows, but to our understanding of society today.

What is it about Game of Thrones, a series of power, violence and fear, that resonates so deeply with audiences? How is it that True Detective (2014-present), a Nietzsche-influenced crime drama, broke viewing figure records? Why has HBO’s comedy-drama Looking (2014-2015) been celebrated as the most original and progressive depiction of queer characters in the 21st century? What is it about the post-Katrina New Orleans-set mini-series Treme (2010-2013) that has provoked discussion about cultural appropriation, race and class? How did indie comedy seriesGirls (2012-present) re-define the representation of Baby Boomer predecessors and their millennial successors? Why has post-apocalyptic drama The Leftovers (2014-present) been deemed the most brutal and essential, ‘new kind of religious’ viewing experience on television?

Editors: Victoria McCollum and Giuliana Monteverde

Deadline for Abstracts: March 31, 2016

Publisher: Routledge

Submission Guidelines: Abstracts/Proposals (250 words) with a 50-word biography due: March 31, 2016. Notifications made by: April 10, 2016. Accepted and completed papers (5000-6000 words with references in Harvard format) due: April 1, 2017.


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