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Documentary and Disability

Editors: Catalin Brylla and Helen Hughes

In September 2013 the symposium Documentary and (Dis)ability at the University of Surrey (see conference report here) brought together international scholars, practitioners and practice-based researchers to critically reflect on how documentary film has contributed to the visibility of disability in philosophical, political, social and cultural terms. A wide range of perspectives – including ethnography, phenomenology, semiotics, iconography and historical studies – mapped issues of disability within contexts of production (both, behind and in front of the camera), distribution, exhibition, reception, public action and government legislation.

Inspired by this symposium we are now preparing a proposal for an edited volume under the same title, for which we invite contributors working on the intersection of documentary film with disability studies. The proposed format of the book is to have a substantive introduction and around twelve chapters of 6-7000 words divided into (1) methods for bringing together documentary and disability studies, (2) film historical case studies, and (3) contemporary debates and film production practices.  

The following topics are a guideline to potential chapter proposals and are not meant to exclude other interpretations of the book’s title Documentary and Disability

·         Defining and representing disability and documentary film

·         The visibility/audibility of ability and disability

·         Diversity and the adaptation of production practices

·         Disability, embodied space and affect

·         Alternative documentary forms (e.g. animation) and disability

·         Politics of funding, distribution and exhibition in relation to disability issues

·         Disability in a trans-national context

·         Documentary ethics, authorship and disability

·         Documentary and disability legislation

·         Disability through a post-colonial lens

·         Technologies of in(ex)clusion

If you are interested in contributing a chapter to this edited book, please send a chapter title, a 200-word abstract, a bibliography and a short biography to Dr. Helen Hughes ( and Catalin Brylla ( by March 31st 2015. We would envisage needing the full drafts by 1st October 2015. We look forward to receiving your chapter proposal.



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