Funded PhD Award: The Future of Arts Programming in a Multiplatform Digital Market

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Funded PhD Award: The Future of Arts Programming in a Multiplatform Digital Market


The University of South Wales is offering financial support for a home or EU student to undertake a PhD in the above topic beginning this academic year. Bursaries (not inclusive of fees) are £15,000 per year available for up to 3 years of study. Deadline for applications: 31st May 2013. 

Based at the School for Creative and Cultural Industries in Cardiff city centre, and as part of the faculty’s continuing interest in cultures of creative production, the supervisory team (Dr Caitriona Noonan, Lecturer in Media, Culture and Communications and Professor Richard Hand, Professor in Theatre and Media Drama) wish to recruit a suitably qualified PhD candidate to investigate the future of arts programming on television and/or radio, and more broadly public service broadcasting, in a multiplatform age. 

Arts programming has traditionally been viewed as an important part of broadcasting’s social responsibility. However, despite some successful attempts to broaden the appeal of this genre, it was recently announced that arts programming was one of the hardest hit in relation to cuts on production, with spending down 15% amongst the UK’s terrestrial channels. 

The focus will be on the ways in which the concept of public service broadcasting, as articulated through arts programming, is negotiated within the practices of media professionals; in particular how their norms, values and routines condition the production of this programming and how these are evolving in an era of niche channelling and multiplatform provision. It will also locate these shifts within wider industry tensions and trends (e.g. international co-productions, overseas sales, use of celebrities and popular formats, etc). 

The specific nature of the thesis can be defined further by the recipient’s own interests and suggestions for comparative international studies, case studies and methodological approaches are welcome.

Knowledge of UK broadcasting would be an advantage and the ideal candidate will be familiar with a range of qualitative data collection methods including interviewing and textual analysis.

Any questions about this project can be directed to Application forms are available on and should be returned directly to Dr Louise Bright by no later than the 31st May 2013.


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